Sim-Versity annual conference goes online

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Sim-Versity annual conference goes online

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Enhancing cultural competence through simulation based education is the first ever virtual conference addressing the importance of and the relationship between diversity, cultural competence and simulation. All of these impact on patient safety.

This inaugural conference is kindly supported by Erasmus funding which enables delegates from the health and education sectors to register and attend online for free. The conference was due to take place in Ireland at University College Cork, but the essential travel restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have meant the organisers have had to take an exciting innovative approach to attendance.

You as a delegate will be able to attend all or part of a day- long conference from the comfort of your own homes / work spaces, by using your PC, laptop or tablet to engage online via the  designated Sim-Versity website and its purpose built Conference area. Speakers from health organisations, clinical practice and academia will share their experiences and expertise via live feed video links and break-outspace webinar areas. All delegate packs, conference notes and supporting materials will be made available to you to download. Interactive tools will encourage your participation and feedback. Attendees address books and online chat areas will encourage the sort of networking that you usually enjoy at a physical conference…but they will have to provide their own buffet!

Professor Gerry Armitage, who is one of our keynote speakers stresses that patient safety is a multi-professional problem (including diversity and cultural competence) and as such requires a multi-professional, patient centred solution”. His keynote at the conference will focus in on areas of diversity such as age, gender, ethnicity and disability and how these patient characteristics need to be acknoledged. See more from Gerry here;

Follow this link to find out how to Register;

More about the conference and Sim-Versity as an EU initiative below

Sim-Versity is an international collaboration of health professionals, experts by experience, and student participants with a common interest in cultural competence and simulation based education. The keynote speakers will address issues related to diversity, patient safety and simulation- based education. Presentations will also address how diversity in simulation based education can be integrated to promote cultural competence

The partners involved in this project which is funded by Erasmus are the University of Bradford, United Kingdom, Savonia University of Applied Sciences Ltd; Finland, University of Maribor; Slovenia and University College Cork; Ireland. Resources developed by this project include a website, simulation education diversity evaluation tool (SEDAT) and an educational toolkit.

Follow this link to find out more about Sim-Versity;

Please do come and join us.

Carol Condon
(UCC Sim-Versity conference organiser)