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Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Savonia University of Applied Sciences Ltd (Savonia) is one of the largest and most versatile Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland and it has approximately 6300 students. Savonia serves the surrounding work life actively by offering high-quality services and tailor-made solutions to the development needs of the business and work communities.

Savonia School of Health Care, Kuopio, provides 7 degree programmes in health care professionals’ education (nursing, public health nursing, midwifery, paramedic, physiotherapy, medical laboratory technician, dental hygiene). In addition there are three Master’s programmes in health care (health technology, clinical advanced nursing, social and health care management). The other forms of operation include adult education, service activities, as well as research and development activities.

Savonia Unit of Health Care has a solid experience in both national and international project management and has conducted many projects related to using technology and social media in education. PhD Marja Silén-Lipponen has experience in both national and international projects and has worked on the projects as a project manager (e.g. RELATE DE-13-LLP-LdV-TOI-147 640 and SIMULA 00211-EU-A31702).

From the viewpoint of pedagogy, Savonia has developed blended learning during the last 15 years with local enterprises and organizations such as hospitals and health centres in communities. Savonia has one of the best simulations centres in Finland and simulation-learning is practiced as a basic teaching method in all degree educations and also in tailored continuing education. Multi-professional simulations are also organized regularly. Savonia has a deep practical and research collaboration with the University of Eastern Finland (nursing science, medicine, pharmacy, social science), the Savo Vocational and Adult College, Kuopio University Hospital, Kuopio Primary Health Care Departments and Rescue Institute. The purpose of this regular and continuous collaboration is to provide multiprofessional co-operation through the simulation method, utilizing the curricula of different educational organizations and thus a permanent form of co-operation in health education. Besides variety of simulation education Savonia also offers simulation pedogogy education for teachers and arranges standardized patient courses for simulated patient actors.

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