Actions speak louder than words

By 21st April 2020News

Since becoming involved in this project the cork team has become more aware of the need to develop more diverse resources both in regards to the simulations developed and the equipment utilised. Our work during the development of the SEDAT tool highlighted that the manikins in our facility were mainly one dimensional. We do believe in what Dr. Peter Dieckmann refers to as the “Fiction Contract”. Essentially this means that we acknowledge to participants that we know simulation is not real but that we will do everything within the limitations of our resources to make it as realistic as possible. On the other hand, as part of this contract, we ask participants to meet us halfway by suspending disbelief so as to engage in simulation based activities as if they were real/ While introducing a different colour manikin may in some ways appear to be of limited value, when you consider such fiction contracts it can bring an important dimension working towards enhancing realism for all involved?

In view of this, we made a commitment to enhance the diversity of our manikins and would like to introduce Jackie, the newest member of our SimMan® family! Jackie is settling in nicely to our Sim Suite, getting used to the surroundings and documentation and is looking forward to working with all our students and staff.

Clinical Skills Simulation Resource Centre
Catherine McAuley School of Nursing and Midwifery
University College Cork, Cork City T12 AK54